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The Content Experiment Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

Video is such a powerful medium to share content, but it’s also the one that sparks inaction more than anything else. Why? Because you’re afraid you don’t look right, you won’t sound right, people won’t like your accent, you need to lose weight first. You name it!

This week on the Stories in Small Business podcast, I’m talking with Holly Gillen, who works with high-performing women to help them get their next-level videos out to their audiences. As someone who has worked both sides of the camera, Holly is an expert in helping to overcome the mindset blocks that are holding you back.

Holly shares why video is so important when you’re trying to connect with new people and what else might be holding you back. And if you’re not using video yet, she’s going to tell you exactly where you should start through her Seven Phases of Business Cinema™.

Tune in now if more exposure is what you’re looking for in the new year.

About Holly Gillen

Holly works with high performing leading ladies to save them time on both sides of the camera. She does this by teaching them the skills they need create not just video but, Business Cinema™. Which is the way she describes the next level video. Video with a plan, a purpose, a strategy and a system. Not just creating videos all willy nilly. Find her on her website, follow her on Instagram and Facebook and you can, of course, watch her in action on YouTube.