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The Content Experiment Podcast

Feb 10, 2020

Everyone has their own hangups about content development and marketing our businesses, and I love that this week’s guest is helping authors to overcome those challenges. Debbie Gonzales is a former educator and administrator and an author and coach for authors in the kidlit industry. She works with authors of all backgrounds and experience levels to get their books in the hands of readers.

Like so many of us in this entrepreneurial space, Debbie dove in head-first and learned everything she could about owning a business. She learned how to blog (and why it’s a marathon, not a sprint), how age impacts how you’re marketing yourself and the importance of community for women of a “certain age.”

As someone in Debbie’s “certain age” target market, I could not have been happier to chat with her. Not only that, but Debbie is a member of my Content Mastery Lab and she gives new meaning to the words star student.

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About Debbie Gonzales

Debbie is a career educator, curriculum consultant, former school administrator and adjunct professor, a podcaster (The Debcast), and a visibility coach who helps authors and illustrators to gain the clarity, focus, and skills required to develop influence and visibility in the kidlit marketplace. She's the author of six transitional readers for New Zealand publisher, Giltedge, and the non-fiction picture book Girls with Guts: The Road to Breaking Barriers and Bashing Records (Charlesbridge, 2019). Deb serves as a member of the Michigan Reading Association board and earned her MFA in writing for children and young adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Learn more about Deb and her many projects on her website.