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The Content Experiment Podcast

May 4, 2020

Does strategy feel stifling to you? Rigid? Corporate? You’re not alone. However, creating a true strategic plan for your business can actually help you create more freedom so you can grow in ways that you never thought possible.

That’s because a strategic plan can give you the focus you need to double down on projects and action plans so you can move farther, faster. This is the groundwork for the conversation I’m having this week on the Stories in Small Business podcast. Kristen Westcott, a certified director of operations for coaches and course creators, joins me and sets the record straight about why planning isn’t constraining and what components need to be in every strategic plan.

We also discuss niching down and how only working with course creators and coaches has helped Kristen grow a thriving business that suits her lifestyle.

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About Kristen Westcott

Kristen Westcott is the founder and CEO of Kristen Westcott Media and has been helping others with goal setting, time management/productivity and project management for over a decade – in the legal field, education sector and as an entrepreneur. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs free up time to focus on the right things, so they don’t burn out. She does this through strategic planning, project management and managing business operations. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.