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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

We speak a lot of languages in life and business. Some of those languages and voices attract people to you and other voices you’re pushing down and not sharing as you should.

As a leader, as a female or female identifying leader, it’s your responsibility to use your voice and speak up so you’re heard. Kaylan Thompson, this week’s guest on the Stories in Small Business podcast, shares the identity crisis that so many women face when it comes to what leadership looks like today.

This is such an empowering conversation about fear, why we’re hiding our strengths and finding the right people to lead on our teams. She also shares the three questions we need to always be asking in our businesses and how business owners can step into their role as CEO. I love all the books and resources she shares throughout too!

Mentioned in This Episode:

About Kaylan Thompson

Kaylan is a hiring consultant and leadership coach for business owners who want to hire strategically and lead to their fullest potential so they can grow their business sustainably and wisely.