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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

Your audience needs to be able to consume your content. They need to know where it is, how to get their hands (or eyes or ears) on it and they need to be able to physically consume it. 

But what if your audience has an impairment that makes consuming your content difficult? 

Accessibility might be in the back of your mind like it was for me, but it’s time to think about it--and do something about it too.

Today’s guest, Erin Perkins, approached me in a Facebook group to ask how I was going to ensure my upcoming summit was accessible to everyone. I thought I had my bases covered, but after talking to Erin I realized that there was so much more to consider.

Erin shares insight from her own experience of being deaf and how some of the new platforms out there (ahem...Clubhouse) that feel so accessible are really far from it.

Tune in and be sure to grab her toolkit. It’s what I’m using in my business moving forward!

You can also head to the web page for this episode for a full transcript (something I’ll be doing with every episode from now on).

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About Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is an online business manager and accessibility educator. Through her business, Mabely Q, she empowers women-owned small businesses to grow bigger and serve better, taking behind-the-scenes admin work off their plates and advising her clients how to create a more inclusive environment for their communities.

You can follow her online on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.