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The Content Experiment Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

Waiting until you're 100% ready is a setup. Chances are you’ll never be completely ready to do anything. Just DO the thing, my friend. Try out something new and do the thing. You don’t have to be ready—but you do have to be willing.

Today we’re talking about branding and visibility...specifically your brand photos.

I’m chatting with Terri Burke, a branding photographer who has a mission to bring her message to more business owners. Terri is pivoting in her business and hosting a summit, Release Your Spark, at the same time. Sound familiar?

Listen in to learn more about how to think strategically about your photography and why your pictures matter.

Tune in now!

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About Terri Burke

Terri Burke is an accomplished brand photographer whose friendly service goes well beyond the click. Terri founded her first photography business, Catch a Spark Photography, more than a decade ago and now focuses on creating contemporary family heirlooms for moms whether their kids had two legs or four.  

Join Terri’s Facebook Group or visit her website to take a look at some of her previous work.