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The Content Experiment Podcast

Aug 16, 2021

Are you hesitant to start your client work with a contract because you’re worried you might seem too aggressive or upset your clients? Creating a contract ensures your projects are well-defined, have boundaries, and establish mutual level integrity. Who wouldn’t want that?

Contracts and agreements are some of the pieces of content that we don’t really think about as content because they’re behind the scenes and only seen by a few people. But today we’re talking about contracts, copyrights, and legal protections in your business.

I’m chatting today with Tania Shah, a small business attorney and co-founder of In The Know Legal. Tania explains all things business protection—how to protect your personal finances, how to protect your time and boundaries, where breakdowns happen most often, and why you don’t need to copyright all your content.

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About Tania Shah

Tania Shah is a Co-Founder of In The Know Legal, a new legal product company for women entrepreneurs. A serial entrepreneur and proud mom to her little rescue dog, Toothless Johnny (the Chief Dog Officer of all her endeavors), Tania takes pride in paving her way in the legal world. In addition to being a Co-founder at ITKL, Tania owns LawTutors, LLC (an all-women led education company to help law and bar students), Shah Law, PLLC (a business law firm focusing on mom-owned and women-owned businesses) and is a full-time law professor in California.  

To learn more about Tania, check out her website, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.