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The Content Experiment Podcast

Nov 17, 2021

You’re ready to hire a new team member...or are you? Hiring and onboarding talent into your business isn’t about putting out a job description and hosting really great interviews. Have you considered the prospect pool, attracting the right people, and the concept of “always be hiring”?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn on this episode, courtesy of Shelli Warren, team and leadership coach with BizChix Inc. She shares how to position yourself to grow your team and what a hiring project plan should look like. And she shares tips on how to onboard your new team members so you don’t scare them away—a lesson so many of us have learned the hard way.

If growing your business and your team are on your priority list for the new year, you don’t want to miss this episode!


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About Shelli Warren

Shelli Warren is a team and leadership coach and the host of the BizChix sister podcast; Stacking Your Team.  At BizChix Inc. she leverages her 26 years of experience leading technical teams to deliver multi-million dollar projects for billion-dollar brands at Procter & Gamble Inc. to now help small business owners to hire, fire, and inspire an incredible team of high performers. Shelli is also known for her teaching style, her passion to inspire more women leaders, and her ability to say the right thing in delicate situations. She lives in Canada where she coaches BizChix clients across the globe and spends her Flow Fridays with her daughter Danielle, and grand-baby Ellie.