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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jun 8, 2022

You know emailing your list is important, but you hate the idea of impersonal mass emails. Or you’re just not sure how to get started. You’re not alone. So many business owners and podcasters simply don’t use email because they feel really stuck.


On this episode, email pro Bev Feldman is sharing her framework for making email marketing feel a lot easier. It involves automations, but in a way that feels more personal and more effective for you.


Email shouldn’t be about trying to sell…sell…sell…It’s about engaging with your audience and driving traffic to your pillar content so they can get the most value possible. And yes, also selling a bit. But the main focus is about nurturing.


Bev will share how to do exactly that!

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About Bev Feldman

Love your business but hate dealing with your email marketing platform? Then you need Your Personal Tech Fairy! Using her Automate with H.E.A.R.T. Framework, Tech Fairy Bev Feldman helps service-based solopreneurs to put their email marketing on autopilot on ConvertKit without using icky-feeling marketing techniques.  Bev loves geeking out on technology, getting online platforms to fit together like a puzzle so that you can nurture relationships through email while you focus your time & energy on the parts of the business that light you up. Follow her on Instagram.