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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jul 20, 2022

Sound quality is one of the most important (um THE most important) factors in your podcast. And if your audio isn’t up to snuff, your audience is going to bail…quickly. So I wanted to share with you the person who has helped me ensure that all my guest episodes sound great.


This week on the podcast, Daniel Romeros, my podcast editor and editor for several of my clients, is sharing why it’s not too late to start your own podcast, why there’s so much podfading going on, and important considerations when it comes to recording your episodes.


We also talk about tools you can use, why consistency matters, and why it pays to educate yourself about podcasting from the pros.


Be sure to tune in and make your next episode rock!

Mentioned in This Episode

About Daniel Romeros

Daniel Romeros is a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer based in Austin, TX.


Since 2015, Daniel has been extensively editing, mixing, and mastering audio podcasts and gaining great knowledge of the industry—as well expanding on his engineering techniques. With over 2,500 produced episodes, Daniel has not only become highly efficient in the work he does, but extremely informative of the industry field as well.

Daniel is an Alumni of Full Sail University with a Bachelors in Recording Arts and is a Certified Avid Pro Tools Operator in both Music and Post-production. Before the work of audio podcast production, Daniel worked (and still working) in the world of records, film, and video games—working for companies such as Paramount Pictures and Strange Fire Studios. With this past experience, Daniel has been able to transfer these skills into his high-quality and industry-standard podcast production service. Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn.