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The Content Experiment Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

How do you define “success”? Money? Fame? Rockin’ abs? The look and feel of success is different for everyone, as it should be. But if you’re feeling frustrated because your podcast isn’t “successful,” I’d recommend looking at it from a different angle.


The success of your podcast isn’t about vanity metrics…how many downloads you’re getting for each episode or the number of people who subscribe to your list because of a freebie you mention. Sure, those might be important, but they aren’t what determines the success of what you’re doing.


What does demonstrate success? Well, it depends. And you’re going to have to tune in this week to find out!


And no matter how you measure success, you have to do the work to get each episode out there first. And sometimes it's a challenge to carve that time out of your schedule. Let me help you with that!


In Podcast Ease Membership, you’ll spend 90 minutes a week in coworking time and 60 minutes a week asking me all your questions. We get started September 27 and you can join right here for just $99 a month with no time commitment.


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