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The Content Experiment Podcast

May 31, 2023

If this hasn’t been your year, it’s time to change things up! But how? And in what part of your business? 


That’s where having some clarity and business strategy comes in. Going through the motions may have worked a few years ago, but these days being really intentional about where you spend your time is the key to success.


This week on the podcast, we’re talking strategy, setting and reaching your goals, finding ways to diversify your offerings, and leveraging a community that you build through networking. All of these are exactly what you need at this point in the year, especially if you’ve been struggling.


And this week’s guest, Josephine Owusu, even walks me through how to look at one of my own goals for later this year. I love the way she talks through each step of achieving it.

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About Josephine Owusu


Josephine is the Founder of The Owusu Collective and is a business strategist for female purpose-driven coaches, content creators & creative entrepreneurs with a team. She has over a decade of experience working with award-winning corporate media companies and thriving startups including Cartoon Network, HBO, Magnify, and Cheerfully Given and has managed creative teams and large multi-6 figure production budgets.


Through her high-level strategic thinking, she helps her clients to get unstuck and her framework gives them the clarity, strategy and leadership skills they need for growth, connection and achieved goals.  Her unique ability to combine strategy with operations gives her clients the clarity and structure they need to scale.