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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jun 28, 2023

Business is down and you’re feeling the pressure to diversify your revenue streams. Instead of adding another service or building a digital product, consider dipping your feet into affiliate marketing.


Whether you’re an affiliate for your favorite digital software or you offer an affiliate program to your current and past clients (or maybe even some business BFFs), this is a great way to find new potential clients and customers, build on relationships that you already have, and generate some income that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.


This week on the podcast, affiliate guru Angela Markham is sharing her tips to becoming an affiliate and creating a successful program for your own business. If you’re feeling the itch to diversify, this is the episode you need.

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About Angela Markham


Angela Markham has been in the marketing and design space since 2011, helping businesses brand themselves and ultimately scale their income. Angela is currently running her full-time business, Angela Joy Markham, LLC, where she helps aspiring affiliate marketers and small businesses use affiliate marketing to skyrocket their revenue. She loves working with clients one-on-one, creating organized business systems, designing unified brands, defining client target markets, and ultimately helping her clients scale their business income.