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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jan 19, 2022

What’s holding you back in business right now? Don’t like your voice/look, imposter syndrome, time, perfection syndrome, fear of haters? Maybe a few of these?

Video is one of the most powerful ways to show up online because you can really show off your personality and expertise at the same time. And video can be incredibly entertaining too!

Just ask the guest of today’s episode! I originally started following her because her camera confidence showed through and her videos were incredibly entertaining and educational. She really makes video look easy!

Shana Yurko knows what she’s talking about, and she’s even turned some really negative comments into fuel for future content. (What’s wrong with people that they send hurtful comments to others!?)

Tune into this episode as we talk outsourcing some of your video, what’s holding people back, how to be more confident on video, and the most important thing when creating video for your business. (It’s not killer editing skills or trendy Reels!)

Mentioned in This Episode

About Shana Yurko

Shana is a 12-year veteran video producer, photographer, brand-builder, and marketer who helps business owners grow their biz with content that stands out and creates connection.

You'll typically see her with a camera or a coffee in my hand…working in video production for 10+ years will do that to ya. She's produced, shot and edited video content for big brands like GoDaddy, Paramount Animation, Hydrafacial, InStyler, CBDistillery, and more.

Now more than ever, business owners are growing their income using platforms like Instagram - for zero dollars. And the crazy thing about it? It's easy when you break it down into a simple repeatable system.

Creating content should be simple, fast, and efficient. (Blame Shana's obsession on the years of planning 12-hour shoots scheduled down to the minute.) Bottom line... small business owners don't have time to waste on systems that aren't effective.

And you can use these systems to make all types of videos that convert followers to customers - even if they're uncomfortable on-camera and have never made a video before.