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The Content Experiment Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

Working a side hustle is no joke. You have to find time around your day job, personal responsibilities, life… Today’s guest on the Stories in Small Business podcast has made not one but TWO side hustles her norm, along with a part time job as a physical therapist.

But Kari Roberts has made it work and has no plans to leave her day job.

This episode isn’t just for side hustlers; it’s for anyone who struggles to find the time to fit client work and work ON the business--instead of only IN the business--into their life. It’s for those of you who need to work on boundaries, time management and making your family a priority.

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About Kari Roberts

Kari Roberts is a business coach for female side hustlers and a business coach/online business manager to online entrepreneurs. She helps them figure out time management and systems that allow them to grow their business while still having enough time and energy for work, business, and home life.  She is known for giving practical, tactical advice and feedback while being bubbly and relatable.

Kari knows all about being a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Kari has been working as a Physical Therapist for 16 years, a freelance makeup artist for 8 years, and a business coach/online business manager for 2 years. She has received numerous awards in 2 industries including the corporate-wide STAR award as a Physical Therapist and multiple WeddingWire Couples’ Choice awards as a makeup artist. Her business advice has been featured on VoyageATL Magazine, The Rising Tide Society, The Speak to Scale Podcast, and more.  Kari has been a featured speaker for The Creative at Heart Conference as well as multiple virtual summits. She is also the host of the Side Hustle Freedom podcast.

When she isn’t being a “serial helper” through one of her businesses she enjoys watching sports with her husband, walking in the park with her 2 dogs, listening to podcasts, sampling tasty bourbons, and catching up on reality TV.