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The Content Experiment Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

Making friends is scary, but completely necessary. You can’t do this business thing alone, but how do you make quality relationships that you want to invest in while also finding people who want to invest in you? 

In this episode, Nicole Batey and I chat about how to establish genuine connections, making a killer speaker line up at your virtual conference, and why collaborating with your biz besties isn’t always the best move.

Learn more from Nicole at The Content Experiment Summit in March 2021, where she will be talking about all things collaboration and using your content to build relationships and grow. Follow the link to sign up for the waiting list. Registration opens Feb. 26. If you’re listening to this episode after the fact, don’t worry, you can sign up to be on the waiting list for the next round!

Listen in! A full transcription of this interview is available on my website.

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About Nicole Batey

If you’re looking to unleash your rockstar status and create a cascade of leads, connections, and revenue from your next launch, then consider Nicole Batey your new biz girlfriend. Nicole helps female founders, course creators, mastermind hosts, and coaches double their email lists and access 5 (and 6-figure launches!) by creating sizzling virtual summits to launch their awesome offers. When not helping women create their 5 figure Summits, you can find Nicole sitting VIP at a Backstreet Boys concert (post-COVID of course) or eating lunch in a big rig truck with her husband.

You can find out more about Nicole on her website or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.