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The Content Experiment Podcast

Feb 27, 2021

Your story is what sets you apart. No one does what you do, how you do it. But what’s holding you back from getting your story out there?

Today we’re talking about creating your message and how to get your vision to come across, whether it’s you creating the content or you’re hiring someone else to create it for you. Because yes, you CAN hire someone to create for you and still have it be YOURS.

On this episode of The Content Experiment Podcast, ghostwriter and book writing coach, Maggie Frank-Hsu, talks about your BIG idea--how to find it and how to use it in your business as well as what’s holding people back from putting their message out there.

Maggie goes into this even more in her presentation at The Content Experiment Summit. Registration is now open for the waiting list only, but will open to the public on March 1st! The Summit features 25 speakers who are sharing little tweaks coaches and course creators can make on their content and marketing to get a better ROI on their time and financial investments in content and marketing. 

Listen in!

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About Maggie Frank-Hsu

Maggie Frank-Hsu is a ghostwriter, editor, and book writing coach who helps entrepreneurs who want to go from invisible to high-profile. Maggie has spent her entire career using words to move audiences as an online marketer, an editor, and early in her career as a journalist. She received her Master’s Degree from the Columbia School of Journalism.

Maggie has recently published her first book under her own name, Be About Something. She lives in San Diego with her husband and her two sons. Read more about Maggie on her website or follow her on Instagram.