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The Content Experiment Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

Making adult friends is hard; trying to connect with already busy business owners feels insurmountable. It’s not! With the right strategy and a good dose of action, you can connect with the right people for your business.

On this episode of The Content Experiment Podcast, I’m talking with Amelia Roberts about how to make those quality connections and be really intentional about who you’re reaching out to (and who you’re having coffee chats with).

Amelia describes her Modified 25 version of the Dream 100 and why your business foundation is so important before you start connecting so it’s more sustainable.

Tune in and then start reaching out to people on your own list!

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About Amelia Roberts

Amelia Roberts is a digital native who officially became a practitioner of online marketing twelve years ago with a role as a virtual assistant that quickly transitioned into marketing consulting. Student loans from nursing school and a desire for other income options inspired her to put a long time love of observing human nature, showing empathy and previous marketing expertise to work in new ways.

As a result of launching this business, Amelia was able to pay off student loans in under two years, reach new financial goals and be invited to present her marketing knowledge to multiple stages working with B2B clients, Government organizations and high achievers.

Now alongside other roles, you can find Amelia empowering under-recognized professionals to stand out and "get first dates" in business so that they can become pivotal players in industry shaping conversations all while nurturing and not neglecting opportunities that are waiting for them.

When she is not optimizing human potential, getting people ready to be truly seen and simplifying marketing, Amelia enjoys Bible reading and planning both real and imagined food tours.