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The Content Experiment Podcast

Mar 2, 2022

Virtual summits continue to be popular among the online business community, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Maybe business owners are looking at different ways to deliver the summit or the structure shifts a bit, but I believe that summits are here to stay.

If you’ve hosted a summit before, or you’re thinking about it, it doesn’t have to be a one-and-done event. You can create something that continues to drive traffic to the summit or virtual conference. 

How? Turn your summit evergreen! It’s easy to do this when you plan an evergreen aspect from the beginning, but it’s also possible if your summit has come and gone.

Listen in this week as Jenn Zellers shares her wisdom about how to do this with the fewest hiccups and surprises as possible.

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About Jenn Zellers

Jenn empowers virtual summit hosts and speakers to create more reach and impact by extending the lifespan of their one-hit-wonder events. Through the Virtual Summit Search directories, she connects attendees with awesome summits, as well as hosts with speakers and service providers to help make their summit even more amazing. The Virtual Summit Search team also works with hosts to evergreen their summits to get ongoing leads and sales, and with speakers to make the most of their summit presentations to grow their email list and get more sales - all without being sleazy or gross! Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.