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The Content Experiment Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

Who says woo doesn’t belong in business? (Me. I’ve said it. But I’m changing my tune!)

We make hundreds of decisions every day as business owners and it’s pretty common to not know whether you’re doing the right thing. Sometimes price plays a part in choosing one online tool over the other. Sometimes it’s the opinions of biz besties. And sometimes we rely on intuition.

And sometimes it’s our moon cycle or where Mercury will be during a launch or event.

I didn’t really understand any of this, and that usually means it’s time to have conversations and learn. So I did!

This week on the podcast, I’m talking with Mary Williams of Sensible Woo about all things Mercury Retrograde and the metaphysical, making decisions based on intuition, and so on. If you’ve scratched your head in confusion when you heard a friend or connection talk about any of these and more, you’re going to want to tune in this week.

I ask all the questions for you!

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About Mary Williams

As the Chief Technology Therapist at Sensible Woo, Mary teaches highly sensitive & neuro-divergent online business owners how to replace technological chaos with a harmonious technology system. Through Digital Feng Shui & Human Design, her clients optimize their business foundation from an emotional and intuitive perspective so that they can delegate and automate without wasting time, money, or energy.  She is an accredited librarian with a Master of Science in Information and set the foundation of her career as the first digital archivist for Disney Animation Studios. From there, she has worked with marketing agencies, entertainment technology companies, public libraries, fundraising organizations, and technology start-ups. Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Instagram.