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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jan 11, 2023

Building relationships in business is an ongoing process. It never ends, if growth is something you value. But finding the right way to connect is important. Especially with the oversaturation of content and people in the online space.


Content marketing as a standalone does not work. Business owners must connect and build relationships to complement the static content they’re sharing. And this week on the podcast, I’m talking with Cara Steinmann who has done both. She started in the content marketing space and transitioned into helping business owners into developing the relationships and networks they need to take their business to the next level.


Listen in as we chat about our own histories with relationship building, and what not to do when connecting with others online.


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About Cara Steinmann

Cara is a business development strategist who helps women service entrepreneurs leverage the power of connection to build relationships that lead to easy leads, regular referrals, and ideal clients. She uses her background in psycholinguistics and behavioral science to help women communicate more effectively so they can easily build authentic connections online without the stress and overwhelm.