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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jan 25, 2023

Marketing can feel really challenging. There are so many places you “need” to be online and just not enough time or energy to get it done. Right?


Maybe. But what if you dialed it back and only did the things that feel good? What if you let go of needing to do #AllTheThings and instead focused on the platforms you love and where your audience is actually showing up regularly?


Sounds familiar, right? Yes, you have heard this before, and I love the way this week’s guest shares her thoughts around marketing in a way that’s sustainable for you.


Tune in to today’s episode and hear how Lisa Benavidez looks at marketing and content for her clients, how to simplify the process in your own business, and why it’s okay to take a step back and try something new once in a while.

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About Lisa Benavidez


Marketing Strategist and Host of The Created for More Podcast, Lisa Benavidez educates women entrepreneurs on how to successfully amplify their business without sacrificing their values, boundaries, or life goals.


Through the power of social media and online visibility opportunities, Lisa mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their impact in the world.


After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Lisa stepped away from the event planning world, where her background lies, and redefined what success looks like for her. Now she’s on a mission to inspire other women to live a life of purpose.


When you combine her leadership, years of experience in the online business world, and her loving compassion to meet you where you are, you’ll find Lisa will be the answer to building the business and life of your dreams!