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The Content Experiment Podcast

Feb 1, 2023

Sometimes sitting down to market your business (and yourself!) feels tough because…who are you to put yourself out there like that anyway!?


I’ll tell you who: You’re an expert in your industry and you deserve as much success as anyone else.


But the only way you’re going to really get yourself out there is by actually putting yourself out there. Getting on camera, getting on Zoom calls, posting on social media, interacting with others, sharing your content, even shouting yourself out. 


And when imposter syndrome rears its ugly head, the only thing you want to do is hide. 


This week on the podcast, I’m sharing my tips to getting past the imposter syndrome with your marketing. And it has nothing to do with affirmations or positive self-talk. (Sure, those might help, but they’re not going to get the work done!)


Listen in!


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