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The Content Experiment Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

Every business owner deserves to make a living wage and to have a profitable business. What’s more, we need to let go of the idea that business ownership is a slog and that we have to work long hours to see a positive cash flow.


Yes, being a business owner is a challenge. But we left our day jobs so we could have more control over our time and our income. It’s time to take control of our money.


This week on the podcast, I’m talking with Shannon Simmons, a Profit First Professional, about developing systems for your business, why so many of us struggle with our finances, and taking a profit in your business.


Profit First has been a game-changer for me in my business, and Shannon shares how it could be for you, too.

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About Shannon Simmons


Shannon has been consulting with small businesses for more than 10 years. Years ago, despite working in accounting and bookkeeping, I found myself in the uncomfortable position of not being able to pay my tax bill. (I was telling clients to save for taxes and not doing the same for myself. Oops!) I discovered Profit First and it changed my life and my business. Since then, I’ve become a Profit First Certified Professional and over the last decade have helped hundreds of clients create profitable businesses using this time-tested system. When she’s not meeting with entrepreneurs or assessing their businesses she enjoys time with her husband and 2 children serving in their community, playing and watching sports, marveling at nature or reading a good book.


After 2 years in public accounting she saw a need to work for small business owners to teach them how to grow financially healthy businesses. She has built on her Master of Accountancy degree from Manchester University by becoming a Certified Profit First Professional and a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.