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The Content Experiment Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Can you believe we are celebrating the 100th episode of The Content Experiment Podcast? If you were expecting The Stories in Small Business Podcast, you’re in the right place. Welcome to version 2.0-- and you’re going to love it. We will continue to explore what increases value for your audience and what grows your business without all the noise and the fluff.

On today’s episode, I’m sharing why it’s important to take the big-name online business and marketing “guru” advice with a grain of salt and encouraging you to forge your own content marketing path. We explore why it’s important to give yourself permission to take chances, try new things, and most importantly, do what feels good for you... It’s all one big experiment anyway!

Don’t forget to register for The Content Experiment Summit! You can sign up for the waiting list right now at The Content Experiment Summit; the doors open to the waiting list on Feb. 26. The summit features 25+ speakers over five-days delivering actionable, bite-sized presentations to help you get a better ROI on your content and marketing. If you’re listening to this episode after the fact, don’t worry, you can sign up to be on the waiting list for the next round!

Tune in! The full transcription for this episode is available on my website.

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