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The Content Experiment Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

You know Pinterest is a great resource for recipes and crafting, but did you realize that Pinterest is actually a powerful, search engine (not social media platform) that exists solely to drive traffic to your website? 

Amber Peterson, Pinterest Specialist and Founder of Pinwheel Strategic Marketing, and I chat about how to give all your archived content new life on Pinterest, how to create eye-catching actionable pins, and how to convert audiences once they arrive at your site.

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Tune in! A full transcript of this episode is available on my website.

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About Amber Peterson

As a Pinterest marketing specialist and the CEO of Pinwheel Strategic Marketing, Amber Peterson knows that carefully crafted content paired with an intentional Pinterest strategy is the key to long-term visibility for most businesses. Whether she is creating and managing Pinterest strategy for her clients or educating on the value of these strategies, Amber leverages her marketing expertise to grow visibility and website traffic for entrepreneurs and business owners. When she is not working with her clients, she loves being outside with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, wine tasting, and planning her next vacation.  

You can follow Amber and Pinwheel Strategic Marketing on Instagram, Pinterest, or join her Pinterest Marketing Lounge on Facebook.