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The Content Experiment Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

Did you expect (hope for) overnight success when you started your business? I think it’s pretty common. Looking at social media, we’re led to believe that it’s common. It’s not, and anyone who leads you to believe that you can be an overnight success is lying to you.

Besides, I firmly believe that we need to do the grunt work in our business if we’re going to build a business that’s sustainable over time. That’s exactly what I’m sharing on this week’s episode of the Stories in Small Business podcast.

I’m sharing an example of someone else in my industry who shared her own experience with slow growth, giving you seven real reasons why slow growth is better than being a booming success and giving you some actionable steps to having your own growth strategy.

I also share the goods on my newest offering--the Content Mastery Lab. It’s a membership experience for business owners who want one go-to place to get education, resources and support for their own content marketing strategy.

You’re going to want to dive into this episode, sooner rather than later.

Mentioned in This Episode: