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The Content Experiment Podcast

Sep 21, 2020

In-person meetups and networking events are so important to your business--whether you love doing them or not. (I’m in the “not” category, but I still do them and I still see value in them.)

Because they’re so important, I asked Tiffany English, founder of Women in Business Connect, to the podcast to talk about how to make those valuable connections--even when you can’t meet in person. She has so much valuable insight from both the organizer and speaker perspective AND from the attendee perspective. 


In this episode, Tiffany talks about how she pivoted from in-person to virtual events, how to get the most out of a virtual event, how to follow up with people you meet after the events, what you can do to be more visible online, and why flexibility in virtual events is so important.

Listen in!

About Tiffany English

Tiffany has a background in Marketing and Events and since 2010, has hosted, marketed, and produced over 500 events. She believes in the importance of building communities and quality connections. Tiffany is the Founder and President of Women in Business Connect (WIBC). Launched in 2017 as a professional social support network for women, WIBC strives on building connections and referrals authentically. Follow The Women in Business Connect on Facebook and Instagram and visit her event business, Velvet Style on Facebook or Instagram.

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