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The Content Experiment Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

Chances are, you’re missing the two big links in your content and marketing strategy. Sure, you’re publishing content regularly. You might be emailing your audience at least semi consistently. And this is great for nurturing the people who are already following you.


But are you leveraging other people’s audiences so you can put together the pieces of minimum viable content marketing? I’m going to take a wild guess and say no, you’re not.


The most common complaint I hear from podcasters is that they’re struggling to grow their audience. Their email list isn’t growing. And their social media isn’t getting any interaction.


It’s no wonder, because they’re doing little to grow any of these.


This week on the podcast, I’m again sharing why leveraging other people’s audiences is key to the success of your content marketing. And I’m also sharing a bit on how to put all these pieces together.

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