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The Content Experiment Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

I think we’ve all bootstrapped parts of our business at some point. It makes sense to learn to do the thing yourself (and save some dough) before hiring someone to do it for you.


When it comes to podcasting, there’s a huge time commitment. That means if you decide to hire it out, there’s also a big financial investment.


But it’s not just about time and money. There are other factors to consider when deciding to self-produce your podcast or pay a podcast manager to do some of the heavy lifting for you.


This week on the podcast, I’m sharing the pros and cons of both sides to help you make the decision.

And no matter which end you land on, you still need to do the work to outline or script your episodes, research guests, prep for interviews, and so on. And sometimes it’s challenge to carve that time out of your schedule. Let me help you with that!


In Podcast Ease Membership, you’ll spend 90 minutes a week in coworking time and 60 minutes a week asking me all your questions. We get started September 27 and you can join right here for just $99 a month with no time commitment.

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