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The Content Experiment Podcast

Apr 19, 2023

You’ve heard “the fortune’s in the follow-up” and this saying isn’t wrong. But what do you need to follow up on and what’s actually the best way to do it?


Our interactions with others are key to the stability and growth of our business. Conversations shouldn’t be one-and-done; that’s no way to build a relationship. Instead, we need to create systems where we’re following up with people and not dropping them after one conversation.


And when it comes to sales, there’s a finesse to it.


This week on the podcast, Bethany George, the Follow-Up Boss, is sharing what follow-up should really look like and how to do it in a way that’s not sleazy. Especially when we’re talking sales but also when you’re just getting to know someone.

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About Bethany George


Bethany is an entrepreneur at heart, her journey has taken her in and out of many careers. As a freelancer, corporate sales, solopreneur and more, her deepest desire was to understand WHY people respond to this message and not that, why this methodology of sales/marketing/communication worked and this didn’t. Through it all, she has developed a proven method of how to support passion-driven, people-first businesses to operate in a way that is aligned with their core values, and expand their impact while being sustainable and ethical.


She is a mom to 5 kids, a nature-lover, herbalist and community builder.