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The Content Experiment Podcast

Dec 23, 2019

It’s holiday season time and you’re trying to figure out how to take time away from your business so you can spend the holidays unplugging. But you have too many projects to do and not enough time to get them all done.

I will raise my hand high and tell you that I’ve been there too. But a few years ago, I cracked the code on how to take time away from my business--and took a full two week vacation from my sole 1:1 service-based business. It took a lot of work and planning on my part but I was able to pull it off. Fast forward to this summer when I wasn’t so lucky. 

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Stories in Small Business podcast and learn from my experiences--and failures--in enjoying a work-free vacation. Because every single one of you deserves to have time away from your business!

And that guide to batching your content so you can be one step closer to unplugging? Grab it right here!