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The Content Experiment Podcast

May 11, 2020

Downtime happens in every business. You plan a vacation or the holidays come around, you intentionally take some time away from your regular schedule. But other times, we can’t control the downtime. Something happens beyond our control and our businesses are impacted in a big way.

So how do you use that downtime to your advantage, rather than getting sucked into the rabbit hole of social media and depression? It’s not easy. 

This week on the Stories in Small Business podcast I’m sharing seven things you can do with downtime in your business to help you make sure you’re coming out the other side in a good place--financially and professionally, not to mention emotionally.

Few things will make you feel worse than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. I know. I’ve been there. So use this time to really take action so you still have a business when this downtime--no matter when it’s happening or why--is over.

The biggest thing is you need to keep moving forward. Keep taking action every week, no matter how small that action is. You need the visibility and forward momentum in your projects and your relationships as you dig your way out of the downtime and back into business as usual.

Mentioned in This Episode

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