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The Content Experiment Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

What’s the future of your business? Business owners often get started by wanting to share a product or service with an audience, but then they fail to plan the future of that business. (I’m certainly guilty of this too!)

But knowing where you’re going to go is essential to growing the way you want. And it will also help you in making the right hires along the way. 

In this week’s episode, Natalie Gingrich of The Ops Authority is sharing how and when to get operations help inside your business, the difference that a director of operations can make for you, why you need someone to help you think through the details, and some of the tell-tale signs that your business is ready to plateau.

She also shares a free resource that will be one of the most valuable tools you’ll use in your business. I know...I’ve used it too!

Tune in now!

About Natalie Gingrich

Natalie Gingrich is the founder and host of The Ops Authority. She has been in operations for two decades – either in healthcare, corporate America or as an entrepreneur. Her goal is to bridge the gap and overwhelm when it comes to processes and systems, growing a team, and setting up solid business foundations. She spent 15 years in corporate operations and leadership at a Fortune 150 company. When given the opportunity to leave, she put the knowledge, certifications, and experience to work by creating her own consulting firm as well as a certification. She developed the Director of Operations certification to equip existing ops experts a flexible profession, outside of corporate but still playing a huge role in small businesses, globally. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram or join her free Facebook group for operations professionals and project managers!

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