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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

Making a sale should not be the ultimate goal or the finish line of your marketing and business building. Yes, a sale is great, and necessary so you can stay in business. But your work with your customers is far from over when you make that sale.

What happens next? How do you ensure the success of your customers? What happens when they’ve had success with whatever you’re selling? This is what so many business owners forget when planning out their customer journey.

On today’s episode, Desola Davis shares how to look at your own customer journey a little differently and how to use your secret sauce to get big wins for clients. We also discuss why, even though she and I both help clients with customer journey, we are in no way competitors (this is important, friends) and what products (and services) you need for your business to ensure you have a complete journey for your people.

Listen in!

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About Desola Davis

Desola Davis is a Business Growth Strategist and digital customer journey expert who helps course creators and coaches attract, convert, and retain their favorite customers using a strategically designed digital product suite. She has a knack for taking big projects and breaking them down into small, actionable steps--a superpower that she’s used to design and implement corporate initiatives totaling over $1M. Her joy is to help online creators and thought leaders find their raving fan base, increase their customer lifetime value, and leverage their secret sauce to grow their business!

To learn more, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.