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The Content Experiment Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Every corner of the internet is filled with content. And in the small business world, it can feel really overwhelming to try to “keep up” with others. (Where are you going to find the time!?)

The truth is, you already have the time (if you use the right tools to help). Oh, and you don’t actually have to “keep up” with anyone. You do content your own way.

Today on the podcast, guest Melissa Morris is sharing her expertise as a project manager and operations consultant. We talk about why workflows are so important, why befriending the inbox search bar may not be the best idea, which CRM is best for your business size, why batching doesn’t work for everyone (including Melissa!), and so much more. We also discuss why Melissa’s favorite CRM is not mine at all. It was a friendly disagreement.

If you’ve been struggling with time around your content, be sure to tune in!

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About Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris is a project manager and operations consultant for digital marketing and social media agencies. Using her 10 years of agency experience, Melissa helps agencies maximize their team, increase their productivity and increase profits.

Her T.A.P.P. Framework takes agency owners from disorganized and chaotic to streamlined and efficient so they can spend less time stressing about details and more time on agency growth.

Melissa’s been seen in publications such as INC Magazine, Keap Business Success Blog and CEO Blog Nation and heard on podcasts such as My Biz Bestie, Productivity Straight Talk and BizChix. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.