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The Content Experiment Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

We have a lot on our plates, and there’s a lot to distract us. From life events to phone notifications to all the programs and offers we feel like we “need,” there’s no shortage of things to take us away from what’s important.

But what IS important to you right now? Hopefully it’s a little bit of life harmony. It is for me!

As this episode is being released, my team and I are days away from taking two weeks away from work. We had a plan going into this holiday season, it got sidetracked a bit, but then we buckled down to get it done.

Because we determined what was important.

That’s exactly what today’s guest, Amber Hawley, is talking about today: determining what’s important and making the right decisions to ensure you stay the course. And as a client who has first-hand experience in my team pushing to get everything done, this is such a meaningful conversation. You won’t want to miss it.

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About Amber Hawley

Amber Hawley is a licensed therapist, multiple biz owner and former tech industry drop out who works with high-achieving, easily distracted entrepreneurs with mindset & strategies to stop suffering for success. As host of the Easily Distracted Entrepreneur podcast, she supports ADHD {and ADHD-ish} business owners who live in Distraction City to overcome shiny object syndrome.