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The Content Experiment Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

If you’re listening to big-name marketing gurus to help you develop your content strategy, listen up! Any piece of content that can help make creating content a bit easier is great. But it’s important that we put the right lens or filter on the information we’re consuming.


No two businesses are created equal, and often the big-name brands that dole out marketing tips and strategies are doing so from a completely different perspective.


Listening to content from big names is incredibly valuable, because they have the teams and money to do the testing and research for us. But that doesn’t mean their strategies will work. We don’t have those big teams or the time to test, fail, and test again.


Listen in this week as I add to the conversation started on another podcast by a big-name marketing person who is paving the way. I’m giving you a different lens to look through on a very specific episode.

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