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The Content Experiment Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

Few things feel better than shutting down the computer before a much-needed vacation or at the start of a holiday break. As business owners, we deserve some time away so we can maintain some semblance of work/life harmony. Working around the calendar just isn’t healthy. 

But it’s also hard to take time away. We’re so afraid that something will break or an email will go unanswered (and we’ll lose that potential new project). 

Once we’ve convinced ourselves that yes, it’s okay to take some time away, we shut it all down. Which is fine, as long as you’ve planned ahead on your content.

Going dark online isn’t ideal as a business…for a lot of reasons. This week on the podcast, I’m sharing why you shouldn’t take a break on your content when you’re taking a break in business. And I’m also sharing how to plan ahead so you’re not sneaking in early morning content creation sessions during your vacation or holiday break.

Tune in now!

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